WonderWorks inc.™ is a full service design and production company serving the film, theme park and museum industries whose client list includes NASA, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, SpaceX Dragon, XPrize, Space Camp, Challenger Center, Spielberg, Lucas, Disney, Universal, G.M., Ford, Chrysler, Rockwell, and the Smithsonian Museum.  With a project list that spans the globe, WonderWorks inc. provides clients with an extensive history of knowledge, creativity, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to detail in all of our replicas and space suits.   We are not a hobby or toy store nor do we sell Halloween costumes.   There are many excellent sources for those products but we specialize in realism.


This site catalogues some of the movie set, prop, model, replica and miniature rentals available, including Apollo 11, 13 and 18  (A7L Moon Suit), Mercury, MK3 (Mark III), LOL and ACES/LES  Astronaut Space Suits.   We can provide case studies of our museum and theme park projects and do not resort to stock shots or NASA photos as examples of what we can produce.   Looking for something unique?   WW can build it from an extensive array of molds, plans and patterns, the result of our more than 40 years of experience.  We have the New LEO suits similar to those in Interstellar, The Martian and other major films.


Click HERE for CEV, ORION,  ARES, CST Dragon-LikeReplicas similar to those of NASA's replacement for the retired Space Shuttle .


All Images and Text Copyright 2019 by  WonderWorks™inc. except for those held by Production, Museum and Themed Attraction companies.

The name LEO and design are Trademarked and Copyrighted by WonderWorks inc. 2019.


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Civil War Museum Miniature Naval Battle Film FX

Foreground Miniature Train Model

Effects by Brick Price

Mercury Redstone Model & Gantry

Effects by Eamonn & Brick Price

International Space Station iSS

Mercury Redstone Rocket Replica Rental

ISS Cupola - Full Size

ACES - Style Space Shuttle Suit

Astronaut EMU Space Suit Rental

Space Station

ISS  Module Rental

Space Shuttle Cockpit Rental/ Sales

Glass Shuttle Cockpit Rental/ Sales

Miniature Buildings/ Cityscape/ Themed Park

GATEWAY TO THE STARS  of Stage, Screen, NASA and

Private Aerospace for more than 40 Years!

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