Spanning More Than 45 Years:


Spanning More Than 45 Years:

The following list is current to 2007.  Recently we have been adding newer projects to this list.  Although we have built all types of vehicles from trains, planes and automobiles for the past 45 plus years, WonderWorks has also been involved with most of the films featuring real space and science fiction.  These include Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Station (ISS), Space Shuttle, SpaceShip One, various NASA projects, and now to CEV, SpaceX Dragon, Orion, Altair and Starliner spacecraft as well as appropriate Spacesuits and props. 

WonderWorks™ inc. has the most extensive, and authentic-looking as possible, replicas of space related rentals available.  In addition, we can economically custom build what is desired using parts cast from hundreds of our molds.  Movies, and other projects, listed below feature sets, props, miniatures, spacesuits and costumes created, and/or modified, for the production to use as rentals. To see our projects in action most of them are on YouTube.  We will be adding links soon.  The list is redundant as we have deliberately listed the name of the project and Production Company. 

ABC Films - Space Camp the Movie

ABYSS, The (under DreamQuest & LucasFilm)

Academy of Science Fiction & Fantasy (SPFX board & Special Awards ‘78, ‘91 & ‘92)

Adler Planetarium (Design & Diorama) Chicago

Advent (Same as Revell) Model Design and prototyping

Alabama Space & Rocket Center (Space Shuttle mock-ups for simulators, exhibits and models)

Aldrin, Buzz (Space Station R&D models, graphics and A7L Spacesuit rental, WWE Commercial)

Alpha-Byte (New product design)

AMT (Model company box art models, etc.)

API Wire Service (Freelance Photographer)

Apogee (American Dreamer, models and Starflite One)

Aerospace Corp,(Helicopter Models)

ATARI (comm’l & interactive game Playland under Richard Taylor)

Back To The Future II & III (Full-Sized Taxi and Miniatures)

Barris Kustom Industries (Miniature autos)

BladeRunner (Miniatures)

Board of Directors LA Sci-Fi Museum (Film wing)

Bob Able Productions

Bob Rogers & Co.(Houston Space Center)

Boeing (various models including 737 and Space craft)

Botsford-Ketchum (Advertising Exec., artist, writer)

Braniff Airlines (Dir. Miniature Effects Photography)

Captain EO (Disneyland/Michael Jackson)

Carthay Studios (Sets)

Casablanca Film Works

Castle/Bryant Films (Models)

Champion (Models, commercials & photography)

Champion Spark Plug (Comm'l)

Chevrolet (Autos, incl. '83 Vette)

Chiat-Day Advertising (Photography)

Chilton Book Co. (Author of 3 books)

Cinemagic Magazine (Articles)

Clymer Publications (Author of 33 books)

Columbia Pictures (Various)

Cosmos - Series (Models)

Couch - Orsatti Stunts

Crystal, Billy (Models)

Cycle Guide Magazine (Editor, Art Director, Writer)

Cycle Mechanics Magazine (Editor, Writer, Art Director)

Cycle World Magazine (Writer, Photographer)

County Fairs (Los Angeles & Ventura - Photo Judge)

Datsun (Auto models)

Dentsu (Various)

Disney/ MGM Studio Tour

Dove Films (Dir. SPFX)

Dove Prodn's (Producer/ FX Director/ Screenplay)

Dreamquest (models for The Abyss, etc.)

Dyflex Creation (Amusement Park Design)

Energy Productions ((Dir. Miniature Effects Photography)

ESA - European Space Agency (Photography)

EXXON (commercial)

Eye on LA (featured many times incl. ‘90)

Film Effects of Hollywood (Models and Dir. of Miniature FX Photography)

Ford Aerospace (models)

Ford (Detroit auto models)

Four-Wheeler Magazine (Articles & still photography)

Friday Publications (Editor, Art Dir., still photography)

Friedman, Rufus, Consortium (Models)

GE (Factory model)

Galaxie II - Cable Series

GIFU Expo Japan (Ride design)

Gold Key Distribution (Dir. SPFX)

Goodyear Aerospace (Models)

Goodyear Tires (Advtg.)

Goodrich (Models)

Gorham & Assoc. (Prototype modeling)

Graphic Films (Models)

Great Western Banks (Advtg. & photography)

Hangar 18 (Shuttle model)

Hellfire-Movie (Writer, DP)

Hollywood Stuntman's Org. (Logo design and art)

Honda Motors (Author, photography and models)

Hot Rod Magazine (Author- book division)

Houston Space Flight Center (Disney/NASA)

Hughes Aircraft (Technical illustrator, models)

Hughes Tool (Helicopter models)

Hunt's Catsup (Print advertising & SPFX)

IACOCCA, LEE (Pres. Chrysler) Models

IBM (Aerospace models)

Ideal Aerospace (Design)

ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) Numerous

Image G (models various)

Image Stream (Models for multi-media space show)

Incredible Shrinking Woman, The (Props, sets, models)

Infinite Horizons (Props & models)

Innova Creative (Models & photography)

International Modeler (Publisher, Editor, Art Dir.)

Introvision (Renault comm'l)

ITT (Radar display model, comm'l, etc.)

Jackson Celebrity Plaza (designer/amusement center in Vegas)

Jackson, Michael (Captain EO, MoonWalker, Neverland Valley - Michael Jackson’s Ranch)

Jackson, Janet (Director of Special Visual FX on Tour & Costumes)

Jennie & Co. NY (models)

Johnson & Johnson (Commercial props)

Johnson Space Center (Display models)

Just You and Me Kid (Movie)

KCET (Public TV Series)

Kalmbach Publishing (Writer)

Kawasaki Motorcycles (Model judge & author)

Keep, The (Author)

Kennedy Space Center (Display models)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Billboard advertising copy, Japan)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Space capsule for commercial)

King Kong (models)

Kingdom Come Rock Video (Dir. SFX photography)

Kobe Theme Park (Models & SFX)

Kon Kuk University Korea - Exhibits, design, etc.

Kresge's (Model Contest judge)

LA County Fair Pomona (Model Contest judge)

LANDMARK Entertainment (Theme parks & movies)

Las Virgenes Enterprise (Auto road tester, writer, photography)

Lifepod (FX)

Lightspeed 3-D (Author)

Linex Publishing (Publisher)

Litton Industries (Models & artwork)

Lockheed (Numerous models and Full Sized Hybrid Airship cockpit)

LucasFilms (Numerous films)

McDonald Douglas (Various aircraft & space models)

MacDonald's (Commercial, animation)

Maggie Awards (Special award for Art Direction in magazine)

Mark VII Productions

May-Day Productions (NY)

Mercury car spots ('83 Y&R)

Metavision (Multi-Media shuttle model)

Microsoft (Design study model)

Minicycle Magazine (Editor, Art Director, Writer)

Misty Mountain Productions (Author)

Mitsubishi (various)

Model Car Science Magazine (Technical Editor, Writer)

Monogram Models (Box art models, etc.)

MoonWalker (DP of Special FX on several segments)

Motorcade Magazine (Technical Editor, Writer)

Motor Trend (Road tester, Writer, Photographer)

MPC Models (Box art models, etc.)

Museum of Science & Industry - Los Angeles (displays, Shuttle MMU, EMU)

Museo De Los Ninos - Caracas (Head of Displays & FX)

Nagoya Expo (Japan Space Expo)

NASA HQ and others (Displays, models, mockups, and films, etc.)

NARA Expo Space (Exhibits in Nara, Japan)

NASM - National Air & Space Museum (Displays)

National Geographics Magazine (Photography & Models)

National Geographic Special (Space Shuttle model)

Nissan (Auto models)

Nu-Videa (Satellites for Tokyo show)

Ogilvie-Mather Advertising (Commercials)

Omnis Corp.

OOPS! (Touchstone TV pilot Dir. of Visual Effects)

Orgolini-Nelson (Starflite One models)

Oro-Cast (Masters for casting)

Olympics - Los Angeles (Displays 1984)

Olympics - Seoul, Korea (Displays 1988)

One From The Heart (Models for Film Effects of Hollywood)

Pacific Video (various)

Paramount Studios (various)

PBS (Author/ Host/ etc.)

Petersen Publishing (Magazine Articles)

Pee Wee’s Playhouse (Animation, FX, Director of FX)

Pioneer Stereo (Point of purchase display)

Piranha (Movie models)

President Bush (Shuttle & payload models)

President Carter (Shuttle & payload models)

President Reagan (Shuttle & payload models)

PRINCE (Rock video Dir. of Visual Effects)

Prisoner of Outpost Zeta (models)

Procter & Gamble

Producer's Studio

Project UFO (Models & Miniature FX)

Project X (Models)

Renault comm'l (for France - Introvision)

Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater San Diego

Revell (Box art models, design, etc)

Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey (Design “UFO Expert” Cosmic Journey 1990)

Rocketdyne (Display models)

Rockwell Corporate (comm'l)

Rockwell Space Systems Group (Display model - Full Sized shuttle cockpit)

San Diego Air and Space Museum (Full-size dioramas)

Sandler Films (Models)

Santa Monica Air Show exhibits

Scott Science (Dave Scott Astronaut) 

Screen Gems (Datsun)

Sensory Perceptions Inc. Magazine (Publisher, Editor, Art Dir.)

Shuttle Simulations/NASA

Simnet (Simulators)

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (Displays & models)

SOAP (TV alien space craft)

Space (The mini-series)

Space Camp (The movie - Full sized & models)

Space Camp (Huntsville, Alabama)

Space World (Japan ‘90)

SRE (Space Resorts)

Special Effects Consortium

Special Effects Unlimited

Spielberg, Stephen (Numerous)

Starflite One (Orgolini-Nelson)

Starlog Press (Magazine articles)

Star Trek-TMP (Paramount & Able's props and miniatures incl. one variant of the large Enterprise)

Star Trek-TNG (props and miniatures)

Star Trek II - (Props)

Star Trek Picard - (Props and Miniatures)

Star Trek Voyager - Emmy Awards

Star Wars (Trailer and Burger King tie-in commercial)

Starstruck (models)

Suntory Whiskey (Advertising models & photography)

Synergy (Creative Director)

Tabery Corp. (Models for trade shows)

TRW Aerospace (Models & photography)

TWA (Models & photography)

Touchstone Video (DeWitt Thomas pilot OOPS! Dir. of Visual Effects)

Tucker (Special FX Car models for Lucasfilms/ Coppola)

Universal Studios (Various including Battle Star Galactica tour)

Universal Studios (Japan tour)

Urbano, Tony (Puppeteering)

UPI Wire (Photography)

US Air (Airline commercial Dir. FX)

US Air Force (Films and displays)

US Army (Films)

US Navy

US Space Force - (while it was still part of Air Force)

UTA French Airlines (Creative Director)

Vantage Engineering (Topographical models)

Ventura County Fair (Model Contest judge)

WED (Various)

Wells Films LTD. (script)

Wenger, Greg; Photography (Photographer)

Western Costume (Star Trek space suit)

Westheimer Productions (TV EFX)

William Castleman Productions

Wishire Court Productions

WonderWars (Interactive game in Japan)

World's Fair 1984, 1988

Xerox (Design study models)

Yamaha Motorcycles (Writer, Photographer, Creative Dir.)

Yamaha Stereos (Writer, Photographer, Creative Dir.)

YAP (Diorama of shuttle for Japan Space Fair)

Young & Rubicam (Champion comm'l)

Young & Rubicam (Mercury/Ford comm'l)

Zoetrope Films